English Weather Cashmere

Hand-knitted in England, these sumptuous 100% cashmere Sloppy Jo's have become a firm favourite from this wonderful English brand. A wardrobe essential for our climate! 

Gohar Goddard is English Weather’s Founder; born in northern Pakistan, in the foothills of the Himalayas to Iranian parents. Goddard was schooled by nuns in the mountains honing her skills as a knitter from a very young age. Gohar Shad is, in fact, the name of an ancient and legendary Persian Queen, meaning shining jewel.

Moving first to Paris and then to England at the age of sixteen, Gohar fell in love with European fashion, a romance which maintains to this day. In the early 80s’ she began building up a network of knitters across the UK, who got busy knitting her distinctive designs. Her creations quickly grew in popularity, first in the UK and then in the USA.