A single Polki diamond earring set in 18ct gold and foil backed for extra sparkle.

Sophie Theakston

Sophie Theakston Polki Diamond Drop Earrings

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A single Polki diamond set in 18ct gold on a hook. The perfect pair of earrings to wear on a daily basis they will go with everything.

Polki diamonds are one of the oldest forms of cut diamond, being first introduced in India by the Moghuls. They retain their original rough form and have a flat, polished surface with varied shallow facets at the edges to reflect back light. They are cut to follow the original rough stone so no two are alike and this makes every piece unique. The diamonds are set in 18ct and finally backed with a foil for maximum sparkle. They were worn by The Maharajas and are still the traditional jewels for Indian wedding ceremonies

Please note when ordering this piece that, whilst we try to get as close to an exact match to these shaped stones as possible, given the organic nature of the diamonds, there will very small variations in shape.

The Details

A single Polki diamond set in 18ct gold on a hook.